7 Ways to Make Quick Money in LA

Picture courtesy of _J_D_R_ Flickr

Picture courtesy of _J_D_R_ Flickr

How will I pay rent this month?
I need money for gas!
Ahhh! My cell phone bill!

It is inevitable, that there will be a time while in Los Angeles, that you will run into a crunch for money. Especially, if your career is centered in the creative industry. Inconsistent paychecks and consistent bills can take a toll on the best of us. So, I decided to compile a list of ways to make quick money when strapped for cash in LA.

Note: These are ways to make quick money in LA. I would not treat them as a steady source of income but instead to help you get out of a tight situation.

  • Elance– Is a platform for online employment. This is a great place to find contract work If you have skills in writing, web developing, design, admin, or sales. And the best part is you get to work from home and avoid the LA traffic!
  • Craigslist Gigs– Do you see anything you may be able to perform? There are thousands of gigs listed here on a weekly basis. From a extra in a movie to a bartender at a special event in the Hollywood Hills. They have it all
  • Ultimate Staffing– This is where I landed my first gig in LA. My first assignment was working on the studio lots of 20th Century Fox. It was an awesome experience.
  • Ad Personnel/VNH Staffing– Looking for a temp job in the entertainment industry? They staff positions in all the major entertainment companies in LA such as William Morris, CAA, Sony and many others…
  • Sell your clothes– Do you have nice designer clothes that you don’t wear anymore? Companies like  Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads Trading Co. offer to buy your clothes at a reasonable price.

Justin Resarieo is a creative entrepreneur and graduate of The University of Alabama. He has lived in LA for 6 years and enjoys the weather, creativity, and opportunity the city offers.


  • Reply November 11, 2011

    Sidney Peck/CinemaProfound

    I like that you offer practical advice in this column. Is Craig’s List still really viable anymore though? I just perused it myself and found myself smirking a lot. Maybe it’s just me. Thanks for the nod to Elance; I’ll check them out. Nice to meet you on Twitter, by the way.

  • Reply December 29, 2013


    Make money with Craigslist Gigs is really fun! I love the way, meet the new people and get some extra cash, it’s really fun.

  • Reply March 7, 2015

    Kevin Gibson

    Great tips. I will use it to the fullest, as I want to make more money. Simple as that. Following your idea, I have already registered at some popular websites such as http://www.gicree.com, http://www.zopthemes.com, http://www.odesk.com, and http://www.mediabistro.com. I am waiting for a buyer to contact me. Will let you know when I get paid for my freelance effort. Thanks, anyway.

  • Reply May 26, 2016


    What about focus groups? There’s a ton out there, and most pay usually around $100 for a couple hours. Not a bad gig. http://focusgroups.org/losangeles/

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