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I Moved From Europe to Los Angeles


I Moved From Europe to Los Angeles

Picture Courtesy of Angelo DeSantis

I Moved From Europe to Los Angeles

If I’m honest, I’ve never been attracted to Los Angeles up until a year ago. Eventhough entertainment has always been my passion, I thought…

If I’m honest, I’ve never been attracted to Los Angeles up until a year ago. Even though entertainment has always been my passion, I thought of Los Angeles as being the superficial “bling bling” type of city – not really my style. BUT, in the 2 months I’ve spent here, the positives of LA have definitely exceeded the negative.

Why am I here?

As I said, entertainment is my passion and I have always been doing things  but I needed to take some time to get serious and pursue my aspirations in America. With the support of my family I decided to move to LA from Europe and pursue a Course Certificate at UCLA Extension.

I was born in Buenos Aires, moved to Madrid with my family when I was 15, studied in Paris for a year and lived in Dublin for the last 2 years. But there was something (many things) about moving to Los Angeles that stressed me out much more than in any other move.

I felt like a foreigner for the first time (moving between countries in Europe is so easy!), I didn’t know anyone and it wasn’t going to be a 2 hour flight away from my family anymore. But I packed up my suitcase anyway and traveled 18 hours and arrived on a hot October evening in LA.

The Apartment

Most of my classmates live in Westwood to be near UCLA but I knew from the beginning that that wasn’t an option for me – $800 for a shared bedroom? Say what?

I knew what I was looking for but it still took a good 10 days to find something suitable. I mostly used Padmapper and walked around the neighborhood where I knew I wanted to live in: Palms/Culver City.

When we found the place, it was completely unfurnished… So Craigslist and Ikea were my saviors.

I have to say having my now roommate’s car made things a lot easier and faster! Which takes me to the next point:

Surviving in LA Without a Car

I am actually making a funny video about this. In short, it is possible to survive without a car–here’s what I recommend:

  • Take the bus it is your friend. Embrace it with its good and bad qualities.
  • Get a bike it will save you time. And you can take it on the bus!
  • Uber/Lyft are also inexpensive ways to get around LA without a car.


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Clara Morandi

Clara is an Entertainment & Digital professional who just moved from Europe to LA. You can follow her experience on her YouTube Channel or Website.

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