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The Hollywood Alternative: Los Feliz


The Hollywood Alternative: Los Feliz

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The Hollywood Alternative: Los Feliz

When I moved to LA, I lived in the heart of Hollywood for over a year. It was fun, it was crazy…

When I moved to LA, I lived in the heart of Hollywood for over a year. It was fun, it was crazy, and it was intense. But there were some days where the traffic, the tourists and the characters were overwhelming. That’s when I decided to move to the Hollywood alternative: Los Feliz.

Los Feliz (pronounced Lows Fee-liz) is a hilly neighborhood nestled in the northeast side of LA. It is home to 35,000 hipsters, families, and celebrities alike. Neighbored by Hollywood and Silver Lake, Los Feliz is a hilly residential area which is overlooked by the Griffith Observatory. It is where Walt Disney first drew Mickey Mouse, and where thousands of other creative types live their dreams every day.

I chose to live in the Los Feliz area because of its village-like atmosphere. It is also generally considered a safe neighborhood. You can walk almost anywhere—to grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. For hikes, Griffith Park is your backyard, with endless trails to choose from. A subway stop at Vermont/Sunset will take you straight to Hollywood or Downtown. The neighborhood is also adjacent to the I-5 freeway. Los Feliz even has its own little Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings at Vermont & Franklin. On any given morning, the village is full of people walking around, eating breakfast and drinking coffee on outdoor patios, and enjoying the sun.

Like any place in LA, rent is more affordable with a roommate. A one bedroom can run you about $1300+, where a studio will be about $900. Two-bedrooms are around $1800+, and the best deal is usually found in a three-bedroom. Those can be anywhere from $2400 on up. The most desirable area is Los Feliz Village, with rent getting cheaper the further South you go. Don’t get tricked into the many apartment postings that promise a Los Feliz location—if it isn’t in the boundaries above, it isn’t Los Feliz. These claims are especially common for apartments west of Vermont and south of Hollywood Blvd. Not saying they aren’t safe, but the area is less nice than the boundaries above, so renter beware!

Kristen Creager

Kristen Creager is a marketer and musician, originally from Michigan. Her favorite thing about the city is the inspiring creativity and energy that flows through it. You can connect with Kristen on Twitter @kristencreag.

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