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3 Tips To Land Gigs in LA


3 Tips To Land Gigs in LA

Picture Courtesy of Dom Ellis

3 Tips To Land Gigs in LA

You’ve gotta work if you want to eat in LA. You don’t necessarily need to have a nine to five to make ends meet, but if you haven’t turned your hobbies into a career…

You’ve gotta work if you want to eat in LA. You don’t necessarily need to have a nine to five to make ends meet, but if you haven’t turned your hobbies into a career you’re gonna need short term cash.

Hey I’ve been there before, a whole lotta money owed at the end of the month. Sometimes it’s difficult to cash out your artistic pursuits; you need to start earning some income and get on your feet while you prepare to chase down your dreams.

These practical tips have helped myself as well as many others along our journey to the great life. Don’t be afraid to apply and tweak these tips to your specific industry. Okay, here we go!

Seek and you shall find

If you’re in need of cash for rent or food, a good starting point would be to divide the amount of money you need by how many days you need it in. After which, just focus on that micro goal until your needs are met. Then start to look around for opportunities and start putting yourself out there.

Reach out to contacts you’ve met while in Los Angeles as well as mentors. See if anyone you know is working on a project that needs help. Search craigslist for any gigs that pay cash for a quick turnaround gig. The more you seek the more you’ll find.

Don’t Settle. Reach For the Stars

Before you head out to any interviews make sure you want the gig. Nothing ruins your long term goals more than working at a dead end job you hate. Only apply for things you know you will want to put your energy into. If it pays too low, don’t go. If it’s too far from where you live, don’t go.

Decide on what kind of work environment you work best in and chase it down with conviction. If you’ve been actively creating income (or don’t need a bunch of money) you can be more picky. Don’t be afraid to be specific that way you get exactly what you’re asking for.

Staffing Agencies and Services

No matter what field you’re in there is an agency for you. Whether you are in retail or hospitality, modeling or acting there is a service or agency ready to take you in and find you gigs. They usually take a cut for finding you the gig, but it beats applying to a million places and doing a bunch of interviews. They get paid when you get paid so it is in their best interest to land you somewhere quick.

Places like Labor Ready and Uncut Casting are two different agencies that work in a similar way. Labor Ready is more for the hospitality and general labor industry and uncut casting is an acting service. The competition is fierce however if you stay persistent and stay on top of your search you will come out with a nice gig and a few extra dollars in your pockets. Enjoy!

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Dom Ellis

Dom Ellis is a Writer-Photographer based in Los Angeles. You can find more of his writing and photography at

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