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4 Experts Share Secrets to Land a Job in LA This Year


4 Experts Share Secrets to Land a Job in LA This Year

Picture Courtesy of Robert Sheie

4 Experts Share Secrets to Land a Job in LA This Year

Here’s an idea: let’s hold off on that New Year’s Resolution this year. I mean let’s be honest: how did that go last year? You tried for about 10 days…

Here’s an idea: let’s hold off on that New Year’s Resolution this year. I mean let’s be honest: how did that go last year? You tried for about 10 days, and then fell back into your old habits, forgot all about it, and were on the hook for 6 unused months of a gym membership, weren’t you? Yeah, same here.

But goals are great to have, and we want to help you reach them in LA this year.

For the first month of the year, we’re going to focus on perhaps the most important part of moving to LA or any city for that matter: finding a job. Without a job, you won’t be able to enjoy all of the great activities and food LA has to offer (or you know, live).

It could be a variety of things holding you back from your ideal job, so we’ve brought back four people just like you who have made the leap and landed their first jobs in LA. They have their own specific advice from unique experiences of landing that first job in LA.

Here’s what they recommend for you:


Use Temp Agencies

Kristin Noelle ~ How to Find a Job Quickly in LA

Since moving, I’ve had friends ask me to lend a few pointers about finding a job quickly upon moving to Los Angeles, and I always tell them to first register with as many temp & staffing agencies as possible. As a recent college graduate with only a solid year of consistent work experience other than retail, I wasn’t receiving many responses when I applied to jobs through those monster job sites.

I felt like I was constantly sending my resume off into an abyss only to be lost among other, more qualified candidates. However, when I registered with job agencies, I felt like my resume was finally being considered as I began to land interviews.

These agencies can match you with either temporary, temporary-to-permanent, or permanent jobs. Temporary assignments are great to get some income flowing while you’re still searching for a career. Temp-to-perm assignments give you as the employee the chance to feel out a work environment, while giving the employers a chance to see if they should hire you as a permanent employee.

You should stay in touch with each staffing company you register with each week to let them know that you are still seeking work, and you may also respectfully decline any opportunity they present you with, if it does not align with your vision.

Here’s a list of ten LA staffing companies to start you off:

  1. Act-1
  2. AppleOne
  3. Matura Farrington
  4. Office Team
  5. Ajilon
  6. Ultimate Staffing
  7. Career Group
  8. GradStaff
  9. Kelly Services
  10. Man Power


Don’t Settle. Reach for the Stars

Dom Ellis ~ 3 Tips for Landing Gigs in LA

Before you head out to any interviews make sure you want the gig. Nothing ruins your long term goals more than working at a dead end job you hate. Only apply for things you know you will want to put your energy into. If it pays too low, don’t go.

Decide on what kind of work environment you work best in and chase it down with conviction. If you’ve been actively creating income (or don’t need a bunch of money) you can be more picky. Don’t be afraid to be specific that way you get exactly what you’re asking for.


Hustle Hard

Jennifer Adams ~ My First Year in LA 

Before moving to California, I was told to “hustle hard” as soon as I landed in the “Land of Dreams.” I did just that. As soon as I landed and recovered from the long flight, I started applying for jobs any jobs I felt qualified for: administrative jobs, babysitting jobs, mental health jobs, etc through Craigslist,,; you name it.

It’s best to not limit yourself when looking for a job once moving to a big city like LA, but always keep your skill set compatible with the jobs you are applying for.

In LA, no one has time to waste, so why do that with potential employers? Be honest, be upfront and APPLY APPLY APPLY!


Find Work Close to Your Home

Rob Neighbors ~ 20 Plus Years Living in Los Angeles – What I’ve Learned

Life in Los Angeles can be stressful, and making long commutes only compounds that. Of course, there will be times when you will have to commute, but try to keep that to a minimum. There have been times when I had to commute two or three hours a day back and forth to work, and those were probably my most stressful times in the city.

Life is so much easier in Los Angeles if you live two or three miles from where you work. If you are able to work from home, that is even better. Most people in LA drive over 20,000 miles a year, which is above the national average. Also, we have the worst traffic in the nation. Anytime you can live and work in a specific area, your quality of life will be much better.

Like we said, we want this to be your year where you take the next big leap forward. A great way to do that is to find the perfect LA job for you, but there are other great goals to pursue as well.

So let us know in the comments: What is YOUR big LA goal this year?


Will Penney

Will Penney moved to LA from Sacramento for college, stuck around for good. He runs a satirical self-help website, which you can check out here (

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