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5 Things to do in LA on Valentine’s Day

Things to do in LA

5 Things to do in LA on Valentine’s Day

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5 Things to do in LA on Valentine’s Day

For most people, planning for Valentine’s Day can be a hassle and incredibly stressful. There’s the activity, the meal, and scheduling. Luckily for the people of LA, it’s not too bad considering all the possible things to do and places to eat. Here are 5 activities for you to enjoy or to help spark some ideas of your own.


1. The Getty Center


A landmark of LA and home to some of the finest art in the world, the Getty Center will be open from 10 to 6. With many permanent exhibitions and constant rotating ones, there’s something to see for everyone. Architecturally speaking, the Getty is absolutely stunning, with a garden to walk around. If weather permits, take a stroll around the garden and look at the city you love. For those not so artistically inclined, the outdoor area is beautiful to even the least romantic person. The best part is the view that overlooks the Westside of LA, a reason enough to go to the Getty. The Getty Center has free admission, but parking is $15 ($10 after 5pm).


2. The Griffith Observatory


Stargazing at night with your loved one. What is more romantic than that? It’s probably the most cliché of things, but it’s quite the sight when you can get a close-up view of the stars millions and millions of miles away. The Griffith Observatory is a landmark of LA that sits at the top of Griffith Park past the Greek Theater. From here, you can see all of Koreatown to South LA. Inside, there are various scientific devices and informational models for your viewing pleasure and education. Outside, you can look at the city or use one of the many telescopes available to get a closer view of the stars. The Observatory will be open at their normal hours from noon to 10pm, but make sure to get there early.


3. The Federal Bar


If you’re just looking to enjoy a nice meal with a show, head over to the Federal Bar located in North Hollywood’s new and young arts district. This up and coming neighborhood is full of the performing arts and culture, and the Federal Bar is no exception. Located on the packed street of Lankershim, the Federal Bar has been a popular spot for a nice dinner or drink. Come for the food with signature dishes offered including baked gouda ziti and raw brussel sprouts salad. Stay and enjoy the burlesque show then explore the neighborhood.


4. Exchange LA


Maybe you’re in a group of friends who are all single. Exchange LA may be for you. Exchange LA’s Insomniac is presenting Awakening, their Valentine’s Day special with Orjan Nilsen. Located in the heart of Downtown LA (DTLA), Exchange LA is the perfect spot to spend your Valentine’s Day if you’re looking to drink and have a good time. Go out and meet some new people and hang out with your friends. Who knows, you might meet someone that’ll become your Valentine that night. Rated as one of the best clubs in LA, Exchange LA will not disappoint. Tickets are $20 and a strict dress code is enforced.


5. Anti-Valentine’s Day at Bird’s Cafe


Maybe you absolutely despise the idea of Valentine’s Day. Your heart’s been broken and you can’t stand everybody being all lovey dovey around you. That’s okay! Bird’s Cafe has an Anti-Valentine’s Day event so you can share your bitterness towards the holiday of love with other people. Bird’s will be serving a Blackheart Martini, while those who feel brave enough will share their worst “getting dumped” stories; prizes will be awarded to those with the best story. And if you still hold some sort of resentment, take it out on “voodoo therapy” where you can create a voodoo doll and take it out on that former lover. The event starts at 8 and ends at midnight.

Whatever you end up doing on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to have a good time and enjoy the holiday. It doesn’t have to be with a significant other or a lover, but enjoy the time with the people you like to be around.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Tim Yoo

Tim is a born and raised Southern Californian. When he's not working as a law clerk in Pasadena, Tim enjoys watching movies and TV, discovering new music, and eating the latest food craze. He's also a huge Dodgers and Lakers fan.

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