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7 Apps Every LA Resident Should Have


7 Apps Every LA Resident Should Have

Picture Courtesy of William Hook

7 Apps Every LA Resident Should Have

In a day and age where phones have essentially become an extension of our hands, it’s important to utilize apps that can heighten our experience of life, especially when living in such a busy and exciting city like Los Angeles. I’ve gathered a list of the top lifestyle apps that will allow you to be more efficient with your wallet, time, and overall enhance your time in this vibrant city.

1. 5 Every Day

When days off are unexpected, or you need some help planning a first date, this app is your savior. 5 Every Day is a curated app that handpicks five interesting things to do in Los Angeles every day, ranging from art to music. Explore a new cuisine at the grand opening of a restaurant, or visit a free gallery down the street from where you live. This app is full of surprises and will definitely earn you the title of the most cultured friend in the bunch.

2. Waze

It’s no secret that traffic in Los Angeles is unbearable. The 405 is practically a landmark at this point. When it comes to GPS, ditch every other method you’ve used and stick to Waze. Waze is a community-based navigation app – this means that people just like you scour the roads and send out real-time updates, in relation to road blocks, police sightings, and other things that could hinder your drive. This means that the app will constantly update your route based on road conditions, getting you to your destination in the quickest way possible, saving your time and gas money!

3. Classpass

Loving yoga has become a trend amongst most people in this big city, and it’s hard not to catch on to the hype. Realistically, most of us simply do not have the time or money to commit to a full-time gym membership or one particular studio. Classpass is the app that will allow you to studio-hop – similar to traveling to different countries across Europe, but instead, you will get to try different fitness classes across Los Angeles at any studio of your choosing. The app offers different monthly plans based on your desired price-point, and the chance for your fitness-loving soul to finally try a hot yoga class or cryotherapy. They even offer a free two-week trial when signing up!

4. Bird

Is it a plane? No, it’s a scooter! In the city famous for road congestion, Bird scooters are quickly becoming the new travel method of choice. They are simple to use, and very easy on the wallet. The Bird app unlocks any scooter for $1, and charges you about $0.15 cents for every minute of your ride. This travel method is more affordable than any ride-sharing service, and will get you to your destination faster than walking.

5. Venmo

We’ve all forgotten our wallet at home once or twice, only to face an embarrassing blunder at dinner with friends. Times like this are officially in the past with Venmo! Venmo is an app that acts like your virtual wallet. You can pay friends for meals, most merchants for services, and even the girl at the garage sale for her awesome vintage records. Unlike other payment apps, Venmo doesn’t charge you a fee for sending payments if you connect it directly to your bank account. Now that’s money!

6. GasBuddy

Getting the most bang for your buck is almost always desired when it comes to gas. With gas prices fluctuating constantly, especially in an urban jungle like Los Angeles, the GasBuddy app updates gas prices in your area in real time. So the next time you’re ready to fill up the tank, GasBuddy will be your best friend.

7. Eventbrite

In a melting pot like Los Angeles, there is never a shortage of interesting things to do. Eventbrite is an app that provides tickets to all kinds of events across the city, such as underground concerts, anime conventions, and even stand-up comedy shows. It also serves as a primary ticketing source for your favorite artist, and you can keep tabs on the next time they’re in town. The app also allows you to host your own events – you can manage your attending guests and check them in at the door. In addition, Eventbrite houses a plethora of free events in the city. It simply doesn’t get better than that!

So before you make the trek out to Los Angeles and update your lifestyle, make sure you update your phone! Nothing makes experiencing a new city better than being fully prepared for all the adventures it will bring your way.

Daniella B.

Daniella is a Los Angeles native pursuing a career in dentistry.

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