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9 Places to Find Peace and Relaxation in Los Angeles

Things to do in LA

9 Places to Find Peace and Relaxation in Los Angeles

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9 Places to Find Peace and Relaxation in Los Angeles

In the midst of the city of Los Angeles, you’ll find it to – at times – a bit congested, chaotic and overflowing with Angelenos (and tourists alike!) from every corner.

“Why does it take 45 minutes to drive from Point A to Point B?” you ponder, wanting to pull your hair out.

From working a 9-5 job to self-loathing as you wallow in your car in city traffic. There are people everywhere.

Undoubtedly, there will be a point when you will want to step away and retreat. Although Los Angeles appears to be all hustle and bustle, there are also hidden gems waiting to be unveiled that can offer you that sense of Zen that we all need.

Here is a compiled list of a several mini getaways that’ll serve as your stress solutions to help you withdraw from the city’s madness. Los Angeles consists of many pristine landscapes and relaxing hangout spots. Below are 9 places to find peace and relaxation in Los Angeles:


1. The Los Angeles Flower District


The Los Angeles Flower District is a marketplace that consists of different vendors selling flowers at wholesale prices. Prepare to be enamored once you set foot in the door because the hundreds of flowers here blend together to create the wonderful aroma that fills the marketplace. Note: there is a $1 entrance fee, but the pleasant experience is well worth it!


2. The Last Bookstore


A rather large bookstore that radiates an antique vibe based in Downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore is the perfect stop for those who enjoy sitting down and delighting in a good book. They have a labyrinth room on the second floor, where there are thousands of books stacked on shelves, all of which are all $1. Although Downtown LA appears to a full-fledged attraction itself, The Last Bookstore is your destination if you want to kick back, read, and withdraw for a while.


3. Will Rogers State Beach


Will Rogers State Beach is a hidden gem based in Pacific Palisades. Equipped with gorgeous views and offers more seclusion, Will Rogers State Beach makes a good getaway to take in the ocean breeze or surf the waves, especially during peak times/rush hour when there are less people at the beach.


4. Republic of Pie


A cozy venue in North Hollywood that offers unparalleled desserts and live entertainment, Republic of Pie can easily be a favorite Friday night (or any night for that matter) pit stop for those who want a treat! Note: their strawberry rhubarb pie is to die for! 🙂


5. Tanner’s Coffee Co.


Tanner’s Coffee Co. is a great place to grab a cup of coffee on the West side. The staff are experts when it comes to their drinks, and will not hesitate to make suggestions! If you need a place to study, read, or work, they offer comfy couches and free Wi-Fi! Win!


6. Eaton Canyon


Eaton Canyon is undoubtedly one of the most popular hiking trails in LA along with Runyon Canyon. Eaton Canyon is a great place to retreat, have a picnic, and get away from the city. The hike is not too strenuous and is beginner’s level. Although, I’d recommend going as early as possible because it does become more crowded throughout the day. There’s a treat at the end: a waterfall that makes the hike well worth the while!


7. Literati Café


Literati Café is embellished with photos along the walls, and offers a diverse menu. There are outlets for laptops. You’ll often find people here with their books, or on their laptops, typing their hands away. An exceptional study spot in Brentwood for students!


8. Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple


If you feel the need to get away from the city noise, this heavenly destination will make you never want to leave. Lake Shrine Temple is great for meditation, relaxation, or a place to just reflect, this place offers a quaint atmosphere for those in need of some “me” time. There are gardens full of beautiful flowers, areas for meditation, and more often than not, you’ll be surprised to find swans in the lake!


9. Hiking Yoga at Griffith Park


According to Yelp, Hiking Yoga at Griffith Park has been a huge hit. Take a hike along the trails while stopping at scenic points to do yoga, and take in the breeze – a great way to relax spiritually, mentally, and physically. Namaste.

Jennifer Le

Jennifer Le is a proud California girl who is passionate about travel and the written word. As a writer for Locale Magazine, she contributes regular online and print articles about fashion, food, and the Southern California lifestyle. You can keep up with her publications at, or find her tweeting @JenniferDLe.

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