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A Quick Guide to Freebies and Deep Discounts in LA

Things to do in LA

A Quick Guide to Freebies and Deep Discounts in LA

Picture Courtesy of Eva Rinaldi.

A Quick Guide to Freebies and Deep Discounts in LA

Even though Los Angeles is considered to be one of the most expensive cities to live in the world, one of the perks of living here is…

Even though Los Angeles is considered to be one of the most expensive cities to live in the world, one of the perks of living here is that bargains, deals, and free stuff can be found almost everywhere. LA is home to thousands upon thousands of businesses and artists competing with each other for your money, which means more opportunities for you to do fun stuff either for free or practically free.

Here’s a quick list of some of those things.

The NoHo Card


If you live in North Hollywood, or a nearby city, having a NoHo card might really come in handy. You’ll not only receive discounts at restaurant, but theaters, clothing stores, and other places.

There are over 60 businesses in the NoHo Arts district that participate. Visit the website here to print out the free card and get more information.


BlackBoardEats list mostly discounts (and some free offers) on food at local LA restaurants. Each offer has a passcode. To use their site, you’ll need to create a free account and browse for deals. When you find one you like, visit the restaurant and give them the passcode. It’s that easy.


Valpak offers coupons for all kinds of services, including restaurants. Creating an account is free. From there, you can search for discounts at restaurants in the LA area.

Free Food on Your Birthday


IHop and Denny’s are well known for offering a free meal on your birthday. To qualify for IHop’s deal, you must sign up at Pancake Revolution. You get free pancakes just for signing up, and a free meal when your birthday comes around. At Denny’s you must show proof it’s your birthday, and your meal is on them.

Tip: You can get a free dessert from countless restaurants, too many to name here, on your birthday. Just let them know it’s your birthday and many places will offer you a dessert, no questions asked.

Amoeba Music Concerts


Amoeba Music in Hollywood hosts free live concerts on a regular basis from almost every genre. Go to for a list of upcoming shows.

The Grand Performances Summer Festival


This is a multicultural music festival that happens every summer on Grand Avenue in Downtown LA. It also features film, dance, and spoken word artists. The festival is very popular and draws thousands of people each year. See for the schedule and more information.

Pershing Square Summer Concert Series


This concert series offers several weeks of free summer music entertainment. The concerts take place every Saturday night. And sometimes there are bands in the lineup that you might already be familiar with. For information, visit

ASSSSCAT Improv Group


ASSSSCAT is an improv group that performs at two UCB theatres (one on Sunset Blvd and one on Franklin Avenue) in Hollywood. The performers are already working in film and TV, and they have received rave reviews from audiences. Seats usually cost between $5 and $10, but most Sunday performances are absolutely free! Here is their website

LA County Fair


This is one of the most popular yearly attractions in Los Angeles. It takes place for several weeks in September with plenty of rides, shopping, and entertainment. Each year, there are usually some pretty decent special offers. This year, admission to the fair is free on Thursdays from noon to 5pm if you bring at least 5 unwrapped or new school supplies for the school supply drive. More information can be found here

Free TV Tapings and Movie Screenings


These may sound more like touristy things to do, but can be fun if they’re up your alley. If you go to, you can get free tickets for tapings to many television shows. And if you ever go to the AMC 16 movie theater in Burbank, there are usually always people there handing out passes to free movie screenings.

Ride the Catalina Express for Free on Your Birthday


Catalina Island is a very popular vacation spot for Los Angelenos. If you and your sweetheart or friends happen to visit the island on one of your birthdays, the birthday guy or gal can ride the express to the island absolutely free. Register here to receive the deal.

There are so many freebies and bargains to be found in this awesome city, I can’t list them all. But I hope some of these suggestions are helpful. Have fun!

Chyrise Thomas

Chyrise Thomas is an artist in the fields of writing, filmmaking, and music. She is a native of Washington, DC.

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