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The Lonely Person’s Guide to Los Angeles

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The Lonely Person’s Guide to Los Angeles

The Lonely Person’s Guide to Los Angeles

The first anniversary of my move to Los Angeles is coming up this weekend. Oh yeah, oh yeah! I am so glad I took a chance and moved to a new city. I love it and have had so many…

The first anniversary of my move to Los Angeles is coming up this weekend. Oh yeah, oh yeah! I am so glad I took a chance and moved to a new city. I love it and have had so many crazy amazing experiences. Los Angeles has changed me forever, in a positive way. It’s crazy because if I hadn’t come here, I’d probably still be at home ordering Chinese and playing Grand Theft Auto V. I’ve come so far socially, independently and creatively.

I am not exactly where I want to be but that takes time. Moving to a new city such as Los Angeles can be overwhelming. You probably don’t know anyone. You don’t have anyone to go out with. Don’t know where to go. It’s okay, it all gets better with time. In this article I present to you the Lonely Persons Guide to Los Angeles. Here are the ways that I have met new people and places that I go when I am alone:



First you definitely need transportation. Los Angeles is a huge city! The urban sprawl is ridiculous. You have Downtown Los Angeles, The Valley, the beach cities and so much more. I have been here for a year and still don’t feel like I’ve seen all of Los Angeles. When I first came here, I didn’t have a car but I didn’t let that stop me. I was determined to get out. I would go to Von’s to get a tap card and ride the bus/metro to Hollywood or Universal City. Those days were pretty cool but I’m glad I have my own ride now. The transportation system here really sucks! If you absolutely have no means for a car, Uber is a great service. I’ve had to use it a couple of times when I totaled my car and it was a cool experience. Anyway, get yourself some wheels. And when you get that, make sure you have an amazing music selection on your ipod and an aux cord cause you’ll be in traffic alot!



So, you are in the City of Angels now. Don’t just sit in your apartment all day. Get your ass up and explore! Fortunately I live right on Ventura Blvd where as soon as I walk out the door, I’m met with sushi restaurants and indie clothing stores. Wherever you are, get around (in a safe neighborhood of course). See where the streets take you. You’ll be surprised how fast you end up in the hills or even the city. Speaking of the hills, check out the scenic overlook on Mulholland. The views are out of this world amazing!



If your neighborhood is a dud and you haven’t had any meaningful human interactions, hop on some social media. I’ve met so many people from the Internet since I’ve been here that it’s insane. It’s best to be safe of course. Personally, I haven’t had any strange or scary experiences doing this. If you’re weary about this and don’t know how, read: Good Girl’s Guide to Dating Online to know the precautions to take. From my meet ups, I’ve met super awesome people. I’ve been invited to the dopest parties in the hills and networking functions. Most of those people I wouldn’t have met without the internet. The app Tinder is my favorite.



Party, party, party! I am a party girl. I don’t do drugs or anything but I love to get dressed up and go dancing. Most of the girls I hang with, I met them out partying. These aren’t only superficial relationships without substance either. I have associates who invite me over for holidays, just to hang out. And you never know who you will attract. You might find some one from your city, or some one with the same ambitions or interests. Get out there! People in Los Angeles are more friendly than you may think because we’re all lonely here looking for a friend. Most of the clubs are in Hollywood, then there are some cool bars in the Valley.

Also, the gay clubs in WeHo (boys town) are always fun. When you party though make sure you meet and make friends with promoters who can get you in faster. These clubs out here will have you in line forever! When you go to these parties don’t be afraid to tell everyone what you do. Exchange numbers! Make dates! Make it happen! You never know how anyone can help you or how you can help them. Network. Network. Network. Create relationships wherever you go.



Do you like to laugh? Sure you do, everyone does. Comedy shows here are the best. Sit down, get past that two drink minimum and laugh until you cry. It’s dope to see the celebrities who come up and make guest appearances. The last time I went to The Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd, Chris Rock came up and did a set. I will never forget that night. The best comedy clubs are The Laugh Factory and The Comedy Union.




On a lonely day, I drive down Laurel Canyon to Fairfax to check out the urban boutiques and re-sale stores. In school I loved street wear. I would read all of the blogs, order t-shirts from Karmaloop, I even wanted to start my own brand. Now that I live in Los Angeles, this is a special place for me. Go in the stores, purchase a few things, watch the hipsters loiter outside of the stores. You might even see some Odd Future dudes at the Odd Future store. Last time I was here I saw Taco jumping on some chicks Range Rover. Random. Check out: Melody Ehsani, The Supreme store and Flight Club (for the sneaker heads).




If you have an everlasting love for music go here! When I’m alone, I like to go through the Soul/R&B vinyl section. I love seeing the original copies of my favorite albums & singles. I’m starting to build myself a cute little collection. Amoeba has movies, CD’s, vinyls, books and paraphernalia. They also have live shows that go on every once in a while. Here I’ve found rare Teena Marie, Vanity, and Prince albums. I will never forget the night I met Tyler The Creator here in the parking lot and talked to him for a while. I’m a pretty big fan of Odd Future if you couldn’t tell 🙂




The Walk of Fame is a nice touristy part of LA. It’s absolutely beautiful in the day time but a freak show at night. They have Zara, H&M, American Apparel and Forever 21 here for the shopaholic. There are a couple of cool restaurants too. Take some pictures with the characters/impersonators. You can also sign up to be in the audience of a talk show. Here I’ve witnessed a movie premiere, met some Michael Jackson impersonators. There’s so much to do here.




This place is breathtaking at night. You’re way up in the mountains and you can see the Los Angeles skyline as if you’re on an airplane. It’s absolutely beautiful. And if you’re a NASA freak like me you’ll love the exhibits about astronomy. They have educational shows here, telescopes and even a huge model of our solar system on the lower level.


I haven’t been here alone but I would go solo. The shops at this mall are ridiculous! They have everything from Brandy Melville to Louis Vuitton. Then if you walk a few blocks down there’s the beach. Santa Monica’s beach will have you feeling like you’re in a movie. It’s so gorgeous. You have the sun shining down on the still water, the mountains in the distance that almost looks like a painting backdrop and the busy boardwalk.




A little more hip and scandalous than Santa Monica, Venice is dope. There are tons of weed shops, skate ramps, break dancers, basketball courts, you name it. I feel like I am in the movie Breakin’ every time I go there. If you smoke, get yourself a medicinal marijuana card. It’s hilarious how is easy it is to get one here. Watch the break dancers that put on shows for tips. And, while you’re there get some chicken and biscuits from Krispy Kruncky Chicken, it’s so good.


Now, that concludes my Lonely Person’s Guide to Los Angeles. I hope you enjoy all of the places I’ve listed here. Have fun exploring and meeting people!



Alexandriiah Fenwick

Alexandria “Alexandriiah” Fenwick, is a multi-talented novelist/blogger/songwriter from the DMV who moved to LA last year. You can follow her journey at The Worst Adviice.

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