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How to Find a Job Quickly in LA


How to Find a Job Quickly in LA

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How to Find a Job Quickly in LA

Since moving, I’ve had friends ask me to lend a few pointers about finding a job quickly upon moving to Los Angeles, and I always tell them to first…

Since moving, I’ve had friends ask me to lend a few pointers about finding a job quickly upon moving to Los Angeles, and I always tell them to first register with as many temp & staffing agencies as possible. As a recent college graduate with only a solid year of consistent work experience other than retail, I wasn’t receiving many responses when I applied to jobs through those monster job sites.

I felt like I was constantly sending my resume off into an abyss only to be lost among other, more qualified candidates. However, when I registered with job agencies, I felt like my resume was finally being considered as I began to land interviews.

These agencies can match you with either temporary, temporary-to-permanent, or permanent jobs. Temporary assignments are great to get some income flowing while you’re still searching for a career. Temp-to-perm assignments give you as the employee the chance to feel out a work environment, while giving the employers a chance to see if they should hire you as a permanent employee.

You should stay in touch with each staffing company you register with each week to let them know that you are still seeking work, and you may also respectfully decline any opportunity they present you with, if it does not align with your vision.

Here’s a list of ten LA staffing companies to start you off:

1. Act-1

2. AppleOne

3. Matura Farrington

4. Office Team

5. Ajilon

6. Ultimate Staffing

7. Career Group

8. GradStaff

9. Kelly Services

10. Man Power

Get Started Now…


Make your way to as many temp agencies as possible, so that they will all be working to place you in a position! A more in-depth Google search can uncover more staffing agencies in the area, some large and others boutique. As you register with each one, make sure you identify any specific skill sets you have, and be able to explain what types of positions and industries you’re open to working in.

Be careful about being too specific–you may seriously limit yourself to potential opportunities and most importantly income. On the same token, don’t be too eager and say:

“I just need a job. Any job.”

While that may be true, desperation can land you in a position that you may not enjoy…

I landed my job through Act-1 in Downtown Los Angeles about a month after moving. I started at the company working as a temp employee under Act-1; then, about 6 weeks later the company I was assigned to converted me as their employee. Those 6 weeks allowed me to get comfortable with my role and make a good impression. If I didn’t like it, I was technically able to leave at any time.

First things first of course — make sure your resume is updated, have a list of references handy (the staffing companies WILL contact them), and keep all of your initial interview appointments scheduled in your phone!

Offices will almost always want to meet you in person before placing you. I spent a lot of time running all over town meeting with various agencies, and I couldn’t have done it without keeping all the details in my calendar.

Lastly, don’t rely solely on staffing companies. While you’re waiting for them to match you with opportunities, keep applying to jobs on your own via LinkedIn, Craigslist (with a VERY careful eye), and to companies directly. And don’t wait to start networking! You may meet someone who knows someone who is looking to hire someone! Building those in person connections in LA is key.

Kristen Noelle

Kristen Noelle, co-creator of, is a new West Coaster in LA by way of Maryland/DC. Considering herself a softly eccentric urbanista, she enjoys the best of both worlds that city life offers: the calm & the crazy; the easy-going and the always-buzzing; the soft and the eccentric. When not on the 9-5, catch her traveling, adventuring, writing, or just 'kickin' back bein' cool'.

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