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Los Angeles Winters: 10 Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know

Los Angeles Winters: 10 Things You Should Know

Los Angeles Winters: 10 Things You Should Know

Whether you’re from somewhere with actual season changes like New York, or a place with none at all like Florida, nothing will you prepare you for what winter is like in LA. Sometimes it gets cold, sometimes it doesn’t, we really couldn’t tell you because we’re more concerned about what clothes we can wear when it’s “cold enough” to wear them, and what parties we’re going to.

Winter in LA is as dramatic as the movies it produces, so there’s a good chance you’ll be quite confused when you experience your first one. Essentially, it’s winter when we say it is, and we all act accordingly on what that entails.

Here are a few things you can expect to happen during winter in LA:

1. Everything Will Suddenly Slow Down on November 1st

It’s probably normal for things to slow down in winter, but you will notice a drastic difference coming out of a summer in LA. That’s because everyone is so exhausted from the non-stop pool parties, events, travels, and festivals that they can’t wait for November 1st for an excuse to calm down. There will still be parties and events…just not as many.

2. No One Will Acknowledge “Fall”

This is because there is no fall season. In fact, I could argue that LA only has two seasons, “OMG it’s so hot!” and “OMG it’s so cold!”, in between those two , it’s a constant beautiful, sunny, 75 degrees all year round. Plus you’ll be more concerned with other important things like Halloween parties and Friendsgiving.

3. It Will Also Be “Relationship Season”

This is actually a real thing in LA, and people will publicly announce it on social media. Since things slow down, swimwear gets exchanged for sweaters, and the holiday spirit aggressively takes over town, it’s the perfect time to snuggle up to someone. Don’t get too excited though…it’s also pretty much known that everyone just so happens to become single when spring starts.

4. Boots and Scarves Will Be EVERYWHERE

We have been waiting for MONTHS for it to be an appropriate time to wear our trendy outerwear. Typically we would wait until it’s below 70 degrees to bust out our favorite boots, but since the weather has shifted and it’s still relatively warm out during the winter months, we just ignore the weather and credit the fact that it’s technically winter starting in November.

5. Friends Will Become Family

If you’re moving, or have already moved to LA, your actual family is probably far far away in some place less awesome. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. LA is like the hub of transplanted people, all traveling far and wide to reach for their dreams in the City of Angels. Without family around, we tend to turn into our own little family, especially during the holidays. It’s like having one big, happy, fun, and attractive family!

6. There Will Be More Holiday Parties Than You Can Handle

Most places don’t start having holiday parties until a week or two before Christmas. In LA, it’s like a race for who can throw the first holiday party. Since LA is home and friends are family, everyone wants to have a holiday party, and will even change the date if there are too many happening on one night.

7. You’ll Get FOMO if You Have to Go Home

Guilty. As much as I love seeing my family, the idea of having to spend one week away from my beloved city gives me severe FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) . It gets worse the longer you’re here. Even my friends who have family close by will start to get antsy after a weekend away, and will call to check in on what’s going on. Yes, it’s that awesome here.

8. Winter Activities Get Compensated For

Sadly, we don’t get any cute snowflakes in LA, but it’s probably a good thing considering the horrendous way we handle rain. So to compensate for this, we take a trip Downtown or to Santa Monica to go to the man-made ice rinks, or walk around the holiday-theme-drenched courtyard at The Grove.

9. You Can Surf and Snowboard In The Same Day

If you’re feeling real ambitious, you can literally drive 30 minutes to the beach to go surfing and then head north two hours to Big Bear, or five hours to Mammoth, and go snowboarding. Just another reason why the West Coast is the best coast.

10. Award Season Reminds You You’re in Hollywood

Perhaps the most magical thing that happens in winter in LA besides that first Peppermint Mocha Macchiato is when Award Season starts. Sure there are always celebrities around, red carpet events, and movies being filmed, but nothing quite compares to living two minutes away from the one place the entire nation is watching. Plus, there will be enough star-studded events and parties to make you feel like you’re a celebrity yourself.

Then again when you move to LA, you pretty much are 🙂

Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa is a writer originally from Florida and author of Hollywood Tourist Problems.

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