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Preparing For a Move to LA Mid-Career

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Preparing For a Move to LA Mid-Career

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Preparing For a Move to LA Mid-Career

In three weeks I will be moving to LA and the reality of it still hasn’t sunk in…

In three weeks I will be moving to LA and the reality of it still hasn’t sunk in…

I have spent the past six years as one of the lucky ones to make it as a film/interactive producer in Salt Lake City, Utah and it has been a great ride. I have learned priceless knowledge about myself, the profession, and my passions.

A day came last fall when I realized that being a producer in Utah would only get me so far. When you hit a glass ceiling in your career, it’s a huge wake up call and I am not one to accept limitations. After pondering a move for several months I decided it was time for me to pick up and head out of Utah, and given my field of work, I am happy to say that Los Angeles is the place for me.

My wife suggested that she stay back and keep her job until I land my new gig in Los Angeles so that there wouldn’t be an expiration date on my adventure. My next career move will be the most important decision I have made in my career to date. I am deeply saddened for us to be apart but am grateful for her support, which enables me to take my time to find the right job, not just any job.

The process of getting ready to move has been hard. Just a year ago I found my dream home in my favorite urban neighborhood in the city. I have great friends, a great social life, and most of my family lives here. To sell my home and leave everyone behind brings up deep emotions and even tears.

But the stars seem to be aligning. My house went under contract after being listed for three hours. The buyer also purchased most of my furniture. This process is happening fast – faster than I am ready for. But I see it as ripping off a Band-Aid , the quicker the better and the less it will hurt. I am taking a huge risk quitting my stable job of six years in which I have been successful to pursue my dream of producing on a grander scale, but I believe that fortune favors the brave.

My feelings cycle from pure excitement to fear of failure and loss, but regardless of how I feel, I keep going forward, taking it one day at a time, one step at a time. Later this month I am flying to Los Angeles to secure a place to live.

I have researched and decided to live somewhere in West LA, preferably near the coast in a roommate situation. The Westside of LA is familiar to me and I know I can find comfort in the familiarity in times that I feel lonely. I know I am going to experience a range of emotions once I move there. I know I am going to feel lonely but I know I will also make new friends and associates. I am going to feel like there is no hope at times, but I am also going to be energized by the opportunities for success that are within reach. I know that there will be low days where I will question my decision to move, but there will also be high days where I take in the atmosphere of Los Angeles and am grateful to be alive.

I believe that in order to live a fulfilling life you must be willing to take risks. I believe that in order to do great work you must follow your passion.

That is why Los Angeles is the place for me. My passion combined with a stubborn drive to succeed will propel me to the heights I crave. I am willing to sacrifice. I am willing to do whatever it takes.

Los Angeles here I come.

Steve Burton

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Steve is a film and interactive producer with work primarily in documentary film and interactive app development. He has enjoyed traveling around the world telling the success stories of those he documents on film. Some of his hobbies include, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and skiing.

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