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My First 5 Months in LA: Rachel Smith

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My First 5 Months in LA: Rachel Smith

Picture Courtesy of Ryan Vaarsi

My First 5 Months in LA: Rachel Smith

Growing up in Kansas I always knew that it was not the place for me and I needed to take any chance I could to get out of there…

Growing up in Kansas I always knew that it was not the place for me and I needed to take any chance I could to get out of there. One thing that really gave me the push I needed is the fact I wanted to pursue a degree in Television, Film & Media studies. Kansas is definitely not the place for that career.

Back home, I had been in school and set to graduate in May of 2014 with a bachelor’s in criminal justice, but that was never really my passion so I put a pause on school. Once August came around I knew there was no going back. My one-way ticket to Los Angeles for August 25th had already been purchased. Despite both of my flights from Kansas to California being late, I made it.

As of now, it’s been almost 5 months that I’ve lived in LA and still to this day, it has not fully hit me yet that I actually live in Los Angeles, California now.

My new adventure in the City of Angels is still being written every day. I had to teach myself not to stress about how slowly things may be picking up for me out here, it’s only been five months and there will be tons of great experiences in my near future. But during my short time here I’ve picked up a few good tips for those new to the city:

Study The Neighborhoods

Studying a map of LA definitely has its benefits. Cities here are extremely choppy so 1 mile up the road may have you in one area and turning down another street may have you somewhere else. My school’s campus happens to be in what’s considered by natives “East LA” Basically, an area with not much to see or do – if only I would’ve known that before.

Don’t be Discouraged

In a city with this many people and a good chunk of them aspiring to do the same jobs as you, it can be a little hard to remember why you came in the first place. But, don’t get discouraged! You never know what will or will not work until you at least try and give it your all.

You Can Survive Without a Car

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say it is fun to live in LA without a car, but it definitely beats paying a car note, gas, insurance, parking meters, and random citations. I sold mine a month before flying out because I wanted to save on monthly expenses. When using the Metro always make sure to plan your trip before leaving, I can’t stress that enough.

Live A Little

Multiple times I’ve caught myself thinking in the same mindset as if I were back at home. How is your quality of life going to be if you never come out of your comfort zone? There is so much to see, do and try in The City of Angels and it needs to be taken advantage of. Otherwise, what was the reason for coming?

Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is a native of Wichita, Kansas and recently moved to California to pursue a career in entertainment.

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