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My First Year in LA: Sasha Horne


My First Year in LA: Sasha Horne

Picture Courtesy of Bill Selak

My First Year in LA: Sasha Horne

In 2014, I sold all of my furniture, packed whatever I could fit into my VW Jetta and hit the road driving from Washington, DC to Los Angeles.

In 2014, I sold all of my furniture, packed whatever I could fit into my VW Jetta and hit the road driving from Washington, DC to Los Angeles.

After a year in LA, I must say I love the thriving tech scene, ample digital media startups, and of course, the beautiful weather.

Here are a few things I’ve learned so far during my first year in LA:

Dream Big!

If there is anything you’ve ever really  wanted to try, this is your chance!! Think about it for a second. Isn’t it exciting? Los Angeles is filled with so many career opportunities for the ambitious (of all ages) as long as you’re willing to put in the work. hands dirty. Perhaps you love art or cinematography, take a job as a production assistant and network your butt off during breaks on set. My goal is to host a TV show, but for now I host my own segments on my blog. As the Robin Sharma quote says, “Dream big, start small, act now!”

Ballin’ on a Budget

When you first arrive, it may take you a bit to get financially stable. It took me four months to find a job, but thankfully LA is one of the best cities for inexpensive entertainment. Attend a taping of your favorite show, hike Runyon, check out one of the many beaches. Want to attend a comedy show or performance? Check out Meetup and Eventbrite, some events offer free tickets so there won’t be any empty seats in the crowd.

Find your Side Hustle

LA is the city of the side hustle, where people use their skills and talents in a variety of ways to have the quality of life they desire. When I lived in Washington, DC I previously volunteered as an event planner for a charity. Now I have a side gig hosting events here in LA.  Make a list of your skills and find ways to monetize them. Better yet, learn a high-demand skill before you arrive for example editing or graphic design.

P.S. Take a look Craigslist’s gig section to find your lucrative side hustle

Caveat Emptor (Beware)

Be wary when responding to castings seeking, those who are “new to LA.” They often end with high-pressure sales pitches. If the person you are doing business with demands money up front or won’t allow you to take a few days to think it over….run!!

Friends Will Come, Friends Will Go

Not everyone is going to be excited for your move or happy  for your success. Rather than trying to make sense of why, accept that this could happen and keep it moving.

Define Success

No matter what happens when you arrive, you must have clear goals outlining what success means to you. So many people come to LA, get sucked into the “chill”, and the next thing you know they wake up and it’s been five years and they still haven’t done what they moved out here to do. Write down your goals, followed by specific tasks. Divide it up, do a little each week.

I hope sharing some of the things I’ve encountered in the past year will help you in your big move. If you want to go hiking at Runyon Canyon when you get to LA, you can connect with me through my blog!.

Sasha Horne

Originally from South Carolina, Sasha Horne is an LA-based reporter for Next Media Animation and tech blogger at highlighting what’s trending in Silicon Beach and the LA Tech Scene.

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