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Overcoming Struggles in LA


Overcoming Struggles in LA

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Overcoming Struggles in LA

Now that I feel good about where I’m headed in LA and in life overall, it’s easier for me to recollect and evaluate a number of my struggles and how I overcame them. Some of my struggles entailed not getting enough credit for a beautiful motion graphics video I created or a website I developed. It’s also been difficult seeing less attractive, under developed, boring guys, get a great girl. How do less experienced individuals make more money, find and land better opportunities, and become links in circles I should be leading? Living in LA can be frustrating because these mind boggling conflicts are abundant. LA is a city of fierce competition.

Regardless of who we are, what our background is, and what we do in life, we are bound to encounter struggles. And getting over them is far from easy. If you’re moving to LA to become an actor or pursue a dream, I suggest you pay close attention, because you’ll need a few wild cards to make it in this city. LA is filled with struggles, but offers stellar rewards for those who overcome them. In this article, I will share some of the things I’ve done during tumultuous times, throughout my whopping 25 years in Los Angeles.

Be Happy

Several years ago, I was dating a very attractive, very successful, young and adventurous woman. She cheated on me with a friend. Simultaneously, I was fired from my day job. I was also inching out of the rat race and pursuing clients of my own. Though I was temporarily a broken man, I was meeting with potential clients and couldn’t say a word about my situation. It was mandatory that I be seen as a likeable, happy guy who had his stuff together. Conversely, others complain and wallow hoping for a godsend. In regards to overcoming struggles, know that people don’t care about your problems and the world won’t skip a beat. They want to interact with happy people.

Get Focused

When life throws us a curve ball, you must realize you put yourself in the field to begin with. You’re where you are because of your own decisions. So, make better decisions from now on. In the meantime, get focused. Nix the ginormous to-do lists and write down realistic, obtainable daily goals. Just like building wealth, you must plant the seeds to see them grow.

Be Frugal

The world seems to revolve around cash. It wasn’t until I was 31 that I realized, I don’t know how to budget, spend, or work my money. It feels good making money, but saving money is awesome. Cooking for yourself is both rewarding and less expensive than eating out. There’s an endless amount of free daytime activities to do and nightlife events to partake in. Search for “free things to do in LA” and you’ll fill your calendar up in no time. Name brand merchandise can be found online or at Downtown LA flea markets for cheaper than retail prices. Moreover, if you want to see your money grow, it’s important to understand that you don’t need a lot of money to begin investing and there are safe tactics to do so (you can read my blog for a wealth of info in this area).

Be Social

Robert Kiyosaki once said, “Don’t get a job, build a network.” As a freelance web developer and motion graphics artist, I can’t begin to tell you how valuable networking is. I attend art gallery openings, auctions and charity events, conventions, yoga and cooking classes, dog parks, and events for startups or entrepreneurs. Check out for a huge list of events in your city. A letter from “The Ladders” I received recently said, “Spend 20% of your time applying for jobs at home and the rest of your time networking.” This is true regardless of the type of struggle and this has been done for eons before the technology age. When experiencing a struggle, meet as many people as you possibly can.

Avoiding Traffic

In the back of my apartment, there’s a black 2012 Mustang GT, otherwise known as the 5.0. This beast has 420 horses, is a six speed and rivals BMW M3’s, Corvettes, and the Dodge Challenger SRT8. However, it sits for weeks at a time, because…I take the bus. Yup! I’m not a scandalous politician. I’m logical. Public transportation is about the only reliable thing I’m aware of. I read, email, and even socialize on the bus. Most importantly, I arrive to appointments stress free and on time, avoiding both gas and parking fees. Maintaining a good head space while overcoming struggles is crucial, and taking the bus or train will definitely help.

I could give you other suggestions like, always borrow money from a pessimist, he’ll never expect it back. Or, if you want a bike, don’t ask God for one, because he doesn’t work that way — steal one, and ask for forgiveness. But, these are ridiculous and won’t get you very far. If you’re overcoming a struggle and don’t want to be found tits up in a river, be happy, get focused, be frugal and sociable, and learn how to avoid traffic.

Eric Scott

Eric Scott is a freelance web developer and motion graphics artist. He lives in Santa Monica, is the intellectual type, is currently single, and is the creator of a high traffic blog called, From Joe to Jack.

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