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The LA Survival Guide 2.0 is Here!!!

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The LA Survival Guide 2.0 is Here!!!

The LA Survival Guide 2.0 is Here!!!

Are you looking for advice from people who actually live in Los Angeles? Well, this guide is for you.

I’m very excited to announce the November 3rd release of The LA Survival Guide 2.0!

We’ve gotten so much wonderful feedback from you all about how we could improve upon the first survival guide, and we’ve been hard at work developing a new, more in-depth survival guide that will help ease the experience of those preparing for life in Los Angeles.

I want especially thank Hugo Martin, Stacey Garret, and Annie Vellonakis for contributing their time to make this a powerful guide that will positively impact the lives of many.

Where it all began…

I created IMTLA ( in 2011 to support the next generation of Los Angeles. My goal was to create a community for those who really wanted to move to LA and make a positive change in their lives—and reap the rewards that come with it.

Three years later, I must say, that was one of the best decisions of my life. I am amazed to hear from readers who have followed IMTLA since the beginning and are now successfully pursuing their chosen endeavors here in LA.

I am always grateful when you drop me a friendly note or stop by and share your story with all of us.

Introducing The LA Survival Guide 2.0



Are you looking for advice from people who actually live in Los Angeles?

Well, this guide is for you.

The LA Survival Guide 2.0 will answer fundamental questions that most of you often ask before and after you arrive:

  • How do I find a Job?
  • What part of LA should I live in?
  • How much money should I save?
  • What do I need to do before I get here?

The survival guide is over 40 pages filled with detailed information to answer these questions and more. We give you the inside scoop on how and where to find a job quickly (in some cases in less than 2 weeks). In addition, we discuss how to pick the right place to live without going broke and most importantly, how to avoid moving to the wrong neighborhood.

Here’s what’s included in The LA Survival Guide 2.0:

  • A clear approach on how and where to find a job quickly
  • A simple breakdown of over 20 affordable neighborhoods in LA
  • Links to some of the most popular resources locals use to find affordable places to live in LA (not listed on IMTLA)
  • A guide to LA’s short-term Living Solutions
  • Tips for finding the perfect roommate if you don’t know anyone in LA
  • How to survive in LA without a car (it’s possible!)
  • How and where to meet new people and make the right connections
  • Plus, receive future updates to The LA Survival Guide at no additional charge


Get the Guide Now!



The new eBook will be released November 3rd for $24.99, but for a limited time you can pre-order the guide now for only $12.99.

P.S. If you’ve previously ordered the first edition of The LA Survival Guide, you will receive the updated version in your inbox free of charge on November 3rd 🙂

Wait a Minute. Can’t I Find All of this information online?

Yes, you could.

But the real question is how much do you value your time and how badly do you want to live in LA? Not only are you paying for our insider tips learned from our costly mistakes, and the personal stories that go with them, but we’ve organized everything for you into a nice digital guide that you can access at any time.

So yes, you could spend the next 6 months researching, spending countless hours to get all the tips in this book for free, or you can spend $12.99 to pre-order the guide to get the information you need to make it in LA now.

The choice is yours.


Justin Resarieo is a creative entrepreneur and graduate of The University of Alabama. He has lived in LA for 10 years and enjoys the weather, creativity, and opportunity the city offers.

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