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Single? 5 Spots to Mingle in LA


Single? 5 Spots to Mingle in LA

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Single? 5 Spots to Mingle in LA

Finding places to meet people in LA isn’t easy. I can testify to that. Most people just go out on the town, but in LA, by the time you get ready, get a ride, find parking, get to the bar, and get a drink…you’re exhausted. That doesn’t even include the process of finding an appropriate wingman or wingwoman.

But after living here for a few years, I’ve found some great places to go if you’re single. Whether you’re looking for a lady or lad, here are some great spots to meet someone new.


1. Melrose/Fairfax


I’ll only mention bars once. Then we’ll move on because we all know it’s rare you really meet anyone at a bar. I do have to say bar hopping can be beneficial. It includes more than just yelling over a crowd trying to carry on a conversation with a stranger. Melrose, between La Brea and down onto Fairfax, has a number of cool spots. It’s more of a NYC vibe because everyone walks to and from bars. You can meet people outside the bars or on the way there.

Some of my favorite spots are The Darkroom, The Village Idiot, Melgard Public House, Rosewood Tavern, and The Dime. Not feeling the people at one bar? Hop on to the next…


2. Coffee Shops


If you’re going to go to a shop to meet someone, make sure you actually have something to do. Otherwise you’ll look like a creeper. I went to The Cow’s End Café in Venice for weeks to work on some writing. I began to see the same people and eventually became friends and so forth.

There are some friendly coffee shops all around the city, from Bourgeois Pig in Hollywood to Urth Café with multiple locations. Some people are there just to work…you’ll know who they are. Others are happy to take breaks and chat with others around.


3. Church


Now when I say “church” I don’t mean going and taking communion next to your future husband or wife. In LA there are a number of ways to connect with your spirituality, and potentially a significant other, apart from the traditional church.

I’ve had friends meet boyfriends at a number of spiritual centers. Agape International Spiritual Center has workshops, meditation services and other events with plenty of opportunities to meet people. Mosaic in Hollywood offers a plethora of mingle opportunities. You can volunteer; join a study group or retreat. Sometimes the best time to meet someone is when you’re also there to build yourself.


4. Class


Yoga class, acting class, guitar class, any class!

If you live in LA, I can bet you have some kind of artistic or cultural interest. The hardest thing to do is to balance your life. Incorporating a class into your schedule that makes you happy will always prove beneficial. In a lot of cases, it will also help you meet someone. Try out a Soul Cycle class and you may sit next to someone who asks you to coffee after.

Join an improv class and I’m sure you’ll connect with someone’s sense of humor. I’ve met so many people this way. Find a class that interests you and instantly you’ll have something in common with the other singles around.


5. Shows


Some of the smaller venues in LA have great opportunities to mingle with others. After concerts and events at venues like The Bootleg Theater, there’s a chance to hang out. United Citizens Brigade (UCB) is nestled in between chill restaurants. Before and after the improv shows, cast members, and attendees grab a drink. You also have to stand in line for half an hour or more, the perfect place to start up conversation.

LACMA and The Landmark often screen smaller independent films and have Q&A and refreshments after. Chat with the filmmakers and other film nerds. You’re guaranteed to find someone intriguing. At the end of the day, you’re more likely to meet someone you like doing something you love. Going out to a bar with the sole purpose of mingling is taxing and rarely proves profitable. Get involved in LA culture, joining a class, community or seeing a show. It’s there you might meet another single or potential wingman partner in crime.

Meredith Alloway

Meredith Alloway is a LA local and Texas native. She is currently Senior Editor at where she focuses on screenwriting education and entertainment resources. She also launched her own interview show “All the Way with Alloway” where she scoops the latest up and coming industry insiders.

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