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The Los Angeles Nightlife

Things to do in LA

The Los Angeles Nightlife

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The Los Angeles Nightlife

Obviously after being mesmerized by the glitz and the glam of the LA nightlife from watching shows like Entourage and The Hills, one of the first things I wanted to do was experience the club scene for myself. But there were two problems, one, I had no idea what clubs were good on which nights, and two, the hottest clubs cycle out every few months. How was I ever going to keep up?!

Luckily I got in touch with a friend who’s on the top of every promoter’s mass text list and was able to get the down low on the weekly nightlife schedule. Yes, I said weekly, as in there is literally something to do every night of the week, including Monday and Sunday!

So I tested them all out. That’s right. I was a real life LA scenester! I learned a few things that are crucial for an LA newbie to know about going out, like:

  • Make friends with promoters; they run the nightlife scene and can easily get you in or keep you out of clubs.
  • Dress appropriately. You will not get in to most places if you don’t wear a button down and nice shoes, and NO HATS! Girls just have to look good, obviously.
  • The easiest way to get in if you don’t know anyone at the door is with a lot of girls. Period.
  • If you want a hassle free night, buy a bottle or a table if you can.
  • Expect to pay a lot for drinks.
  • Introduce yourself to everyone. You never know who could be a promoter or nice person in general and possibly invite you to their table.
  • You WANT to be at a table.
  • SBE owns the majority of best places to go.
  • Hollywood locals, especially young scenesters tend to not go to nightclubs on Friday’s and Saturday’s because it’s when all the non-locals and tourists go out.

It may seem intimidating at first, but don’t worry, LA is known for the constant influx of newcomers, and as long as you have a good attitude and vibe, she’ll welcome you with open arms!

So now that you know the basics, here is the current weekly nightlife schedule in LA, and don’t worry, you have a few options each night!


Teddy’s at The Roosevelt – One of the oldie but goodies and often frequented by celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio.


Bootsy Bellows – David Arquette’s club on Sunset Blvd. It’s one of the harder clubs to get into because it’s typically packed with the who’s who of Hollywood and lots of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Tiesto, and Zac Effron. It’s small, but classy, there’s a back VIP room, and the main room has a main stage with mini performances.

Vignette – This is more of a raging club free for all complete with go-go dancers that are sometimes only wearing tassels. If you’re looking to dance your face off, this is the place to go.


Emerson Theater – The former stomping grounds of DJ AM, and currently one of the largest and nicest clubs, owned by SBE. There’s usually  good DJ’s, and you can still get a view from the bars on either side of the tables and dance pit.

Hooray Henry’s – The newest club to open in LA, and following the classy, posh, loungy, and even better, it’s British themed, complete with fully uniformed soldiers and costumed staff members.


Sound – This is another one of those rage fests that you go to if you want to jump around to house music with a bunch of strangers…which a lot of people do.

Hooray Henry’s


Bootsy Bellows – For something sceney.

Create – A massive space in East Hollywood that will let just about anyone in because capacity limit can handle it. It’s also a rage fest.

AV – A smaller rage fest club that is on it’s way out and typically plays hip-hop (which is an indication of a club about to go under).


Emerson Theater

Hooray Henry’s



Hyde– I know it’s only Sunday, but to the majority of LA people, Monday’s don’t exist. If you can make it through XIV, the party continues at the next  SBE location, a club called Hyde, and they even have a shuttle to bring you there. Don’t worry about changing, everyone goes in costume.

Bagatelle – Like it’s famous sister in New York, Bagatelle’s brunch is anything close to calm. After the initial brunch and bottles of champagne are served, they shut off all of the lights and turn up the DJ’s speakers and club lights. You should definitely try to make a reservation because the bar is tiny and always packed.

XIV – SBE’s infamous Sunday rager and perhaps the most intense place of the week! It starts around 5pm when it’s still light out and there’s typically themes like neon, nautical, Candyland, etc. Famous DJ’s perform and the popular promoters, and Hollywood scenesters line the elevated tables around the pit in the middle. You do not want to be in the pit unless you like being sprayed with champagne, because the theme of this place is literally, “Save Water, Spray Champagne”.

There you have it! Now go out there and get your nightlife on before the next cycle of new clubs starts!

Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa is a writer originally from Florida and author of Hollywood Tourist Problems.

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