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The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Making Friends in LA


The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Making Friends in LA

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The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Making Friends in LA

When you become an adult, it’s hard to make new friends but it’s especially hard when…

When you become an adult, it’s hard to make new friends but it’s especially hard when you live in one of the biggest cities in the world. The days when we could just go to the playground and become instant friends with anyone who liked hide-and-seek and playing pretend are behind us and adult friendships a little more difficult to maintain than the ones we had in kindergarten. Here are a few ways to meet new friends in Los Angeles without even getting off your phone.

1. HeyVina

HeyVina is basically Tinder but it’s exclusively for gal pals. All you have to do is connect your Facebook to your account and it will sync your profile picture and what Los Angeles neighborhood you live in. You can personalize your profile by filling out the profile quiz which will tell your potential friends if you like like being indoors better than outdoors, if you’d rather meet up for coffee or drinks, etc. You can also be added to various groups with other girls such as “Yogis” or “Dog Owners”. You can also join groups of other women who are entrepreneurs or writers so you can also use this app to network as well! What’s better than ladies helping ladies?

2. Join a Facebook Group

Facebook is a great way to not only keep up with friends but it’s also a great place to meet new friends. You can start by joining a Facebook group or a fan page. Whether you are obsessed with a certain TV show or a certain podcast, there are group pages all over Facebook for almost every one of your obsessions. If you love listening to all kinds of podcasts, consider joining Podcast Brunch Club, if you love celebrity gossip, you can join WhoWeekly, if you’re into makeup, join Glow Up. Join one of these groups and stay active, you’re sure to make a lot of like-minded internet friends who may eventually become real life friends! It’s a great way to interact with people with the same interests as you without having to leave the house.

3. MeetUp

The last way to make new friends is the old fashioned way: IRL. If you don’t feel comfortable making new friends on the internet, that’s okay! There are a lot of classes and workshops all over Los Angeles for writers, actors, bloggers, photographers, chefs, directors, and artists–or you can even learn a new hobby like sewing or ceramics. However, the best way to find these events is through an app. The app is called MeetUp and it helps you look up events, classes, clubs, and workshops in your area based on what your interests are. By joining a workshop or taking a class, you will be able to meet people with the same interests and goals as you and not only can you meet up for coffee, but you can also help support each other and encourage each other to reach your goals. You can find various cheap or even free workshops and events at the following places: The Hatchery, Junior High, Upright Citizens Brigade, or The Groundlings.

If you do make friends through these various apps and websites, it is important to remember that great friendships are not made overnight. It takes a lot of time, investment, and care to become best friends with someone. As appealing as it may sound to stay at home and watch Netflix with a sleeve of Oreos, taking the time to meet up with friends is the best way to turn a friend into a best friend. Good luck!

Alyssa Merwin

Alyssa Merwin is a writer based in LA. You can read her work at

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